CB Grey

Founder: Courtney Buchanan
Out of: Atlanta
Made in: USA


CB Grey is a luxury silk collection that offers scarves and other silk accessories that are truly one of a kind. Our collection of designer silks are a fusion of bold color and abstract design with just a sprinkle of whimsy. Our hand-drawn designs by CB Grey founder, Courtney Buchanan, are elegant, yet edgy.


Thoughtfully Made

After testing and sourcing numerous fabrics from a variety of manufacturers, we chose our fabrics simply because they are the best. We pay attention to every detail, because we believe that thoughtfully designed clothing should stand the test of time.



We believe that beautiful packaging can go a long way in providing a positive shopping experience. But we also want to do our part in helping minimize waste, so we’ve designed our packaging to be reusable. We hope you love it as much as we do!