Founder: Kassia Davis
Out of: Boston, MA

 Growing up in the sportswear industry, I spent years of my personal and professional life thinking about how fashion can better serve the needs of real women. The fit and shape of clothing on diverse body types, as well as sustainable design practices, became crucial to how I thought about and sourced apparel. It became my dream to build a sustainable, female-led fashion line from the ground up. And once the idea for KADA was born, I’ve never looked back. My hope is to encourage every woman to follow their passion, because it’s only by embracing change that we learn and grow.



We are highly selective about sourcing our fabrics from sustainable mills and factories. One of our Portuguese suppliers is a solar-powered mill that has racked up certifications for producing organic and eco-friendly materials. They recycle all of their textile waste, and they have a 100% clean-air system that prevents greenhouse gases from being released into the surrounding environment.

"I'm a firm believer in evolution and

embracing the chance to learn and grow."